Sunday, April 26, 2009

Where does the time go? Here it is almost may Day and Laura, my daughter and I, were just talking about how last time at this year we were deciding what to start to make for Christmas gifts and then all the hoop la over doing them until the very day, Christmas 2008. We thought afterwards, thank goodness the rush is over and we can relax for awhile and do nothing or, do what we want to do and feel like whatever that is, is no hurry in doing it... We had Easter and a wonderful few days with family and the beach and a wonderful Easter brunch and now, well, anxiety about Christmas again! LOL! this is too much! Time for a change and do some crafts and things we feel like doing at least for a few more months... in the meantime, we sat by the pool today, Laura made some healthy and delicious blueberry muffins and we are thinking of making a chocolate torte today that we saw late last night on ciaoitalia..yum. so much for healthy..!!! but oh so delicious! and we are going thru books of ideas for something to spur our imaginations.. for dinner tonight... salmon and asparagus and that yummy chocolate torte.. time to get my grocery list together!

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sweetscarlett said...

Good for you two sitting by the pool and thinking of Christmas!
It IS A GOOD time to begin those Christmas projects!!!
Let's make a pact to have them all completed by Halloween, okay?
Won't it be nice t have a stress-free holiday - including Thanksgiving?
Knowing all of your gifts are finished will add some fun t the day!