Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh the Easter Egg Cake... or the trying of it. Saw this cake that was beautiful in Martha and HAD to have it. Ordered the mold for it, followed the directions and made a wonderful smelling and looking cake! It gave directions for the seven minute frosting and so made that as well... it was so sticky and made a mess to frost but had to say, before I tried to add some decorations, looked really pretty... but with the decorations, did not come out as beautiful as the one in Martha... I'll try it again though as I made it for Charles' birthday and everyone LOVED this cake! It was delicious! I have two orders for it in a much larger version. That will mean a run to make it before the events I need it for and see how it will double up... If you can have a run at making it, do so... it's a coconut almond cake and I can't tell you how good it is! Enjoy!

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sweetscarlett said...

It looks luscious!
I made the chocolate sherry cookies today, in between working n the blog and the listings on etsy.
There are only a few left so maybe some more will get made tomorrow . . .