Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Morning to All!
Two years? How did that time go by with no postings and no photos! Yesterday was Easter. We had our annual Easter Pool Party with Debbie and Becky, nieces , and Laura and myself. We made salads, I made the Quinoa salad with yummy asparagus and peas, grape tomatoes and a lemon basil dressing... Becky made the Buffalo wing salad , both SO Delicious, and Debbie made the really awesome Lemon Cake!!!!!!!!!! many beverages, sunshine and breeze, pool water glistening... and, another party at the opposite end of the pool area! what fun! Good food, good company a wonderful day this spring.. Will post some photos soon! I've made several cakes over the last few years. I would have to say that the orders for cakes have dwindled and the economy with it... will try to revive my business with a few new items.. try to tempt my work friends into something Delicious! In any case, there will be some cakes baked for upcoming birthdays so you will see them soon! I hope your spring is marvelous and full of cakes!

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